Dr. Phone Fix cutting the ribbon

July 29, 2022
Dr. Phone Fix cutting the ribbon

Dr. Phone Fix's Lloydminster repair shop will open in October 2021. The network of mobile and device repair shops comprises four regions. The ribbon cutting on Tuesday legalized their Border City business across from Walmart. Mayor Gerald Aalbers is overjoyed that this service is available throughout the city.

It really is terrific to see small businesses investing in our town. There are grounds to be confident in this area. Dr. Phone Fix is a growing company that established numerous new locations across Canada last year. Someone noticed that since everyone else using a smartphone or mobile application, being able to repair rather than simply replace will end in a monetary benefit.

With the inauguration of this and other businesses in the city, Aalbers remarked on the business climate as the year enters the final quarter. There seem to be a few more important business openings, and it has been mentioned as a strategic area." A provincial service center and a commercial center are also available.

According to Shaun Merriman, chief financial officer at Dr. Phone Fix, they have been launching a new site every 3 weeks on average and are on schedule to have 40 locations across Canada by Christmas.

But we've been working, for the betterment as our primary goal. And now we intend to embrace the neighborhood in order for people to recognize our local business, which we want to be a part of and thrive alongside.

As per Dr. Phone Fix authorities, 600 Canadians damage their cellphones per hour.

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